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Mass Planner Alternative

Mass Planner Alternative

Looking for a Mass Planner alternative?

No problemo.

With the service just being shutdown I respect that a lot of you may be scrambling for a new application with simular funcations.

FollowLiker is your answer.

Check out my video covering it here:



Super fast QnA about FollowLiker


What is FollowLiker?

FollowLiker is an Instagram automation application


What OS does it run on?

Windows, MAC, Linux


Does my computer need to be on to run it?



How much is it?

1 Time payment starting at $50 for 1 Instagram account and $100 for unlimited accounts.


Mass Planner alternative links?

I wanted to include any links I mentioned in the video to help you easily navigate and get setup ASAP:


FollowLiker Website



FollowLiker Free Course



The Ultimate FollowLiker Course


Pinterest Profile Tips for 2017

5 Must Do Pinterest Profile Tips for 2017

It's Pinterest profile tips time.

These Pinterest profile tips will guide you through the process of converting your profile into a traffic generating machine.

Sounds good?

Damn right it does :)

Let's do this.


5 Must Do Pinterest Profile Tips for 2017



1. Get a Pinterest Business Profile

First things first.

It's time to say goodbye to your standard profile.

And upgrade to a Pinterest Business Profiles which gives you access to Pinterest Analytics.

This new feature will let you see what pins are working best and how your profile is performing.


To get a Business Pinterest profile do the following:

Go to your Profile page.

Then click the three little dots icon (see picture below  for guidance)


Enable Pinterest Business Profile


Choose "Access business tools"


Pinterest Access Business tools


Fill out your information and then click "Convert". Here's an example of mine


Pinterest Create Business Profile

We will talk about how to you can access analytics later after converting to a business profile.

Next up you want to up-date your profile to look like a Pinterest pro.



2. Edit Pinterest profile basics


Let's start off by showing you my profile.

And then dig deeper into each part.

Pinterest Profile Example Aaron Ward Media


Business Name

This should simply be the name of your business.

Or if you're a personal influencer like myself, add keywords after your name.

This lets people find your profile easier, for example when someone searches for Blogging tips I have a chance to show up in their search results.

Also adding these keywords let's new people know what you do.



You want this to be either your business logo or a clear head shot.

Use the same logo/head-shot you use on other social media to be easily identifiable.

Here's how mine looks:

Pinterest Profile Image Aaronwardmedia


Which is exactly the same as my Instagram profile picture:

Instagram Profile Image aaronwardmedia




Try and get your own name or your business name here.

I use aaronwardmedia as that's the same as my website + most social media accounts.


About You

The about you section is where you give people a taste of what you're all about.

Think of this space as letting someone meet you for the first time.

And hey, first impressions count.


There's 2 very important things you want to include here.

  1. Short introduction of who you are, let knew people know what you do and if you can help them
  2. A call to action (visit my website/follow me etc...)


Example #1:

Creators of beautiful wooden watches made ethically in Indonesia. Shop our new bamboo collection by visiting our website:


Example #2:

The wiz-kids of social media. We help you grow your audience through creative content. Explore our work on our website:



Let them know where you're at :)



Add your business website here.

Next you want to confirm it.

Depending on your platform (Wordpress, Shopify etc...) there's a way to do it.

I'm going to link you to Pinterest's super helpful guide to confirm your website.

View the guide here: https://help.pinterest.com/en/articles/confirm-your-website



3. Your boards

Our third Pinterest profile tip is about your boards.

You may already have boards created, with some lovely pins on them.

Great, but are they related to your business?

From now on you only want to create boards related to what you do.

Because I teach social media + blogging tips, all my boards are related to these subjects.

Take a look...

Pinterest Boards Aaronwardmedia


You want to do the same.

Step 1: Delete/make all irrelevant boards private

Step 2: Create 7-10 boards related to your niche

Step 3: Create 1 branded board for all the content you create (mines called Aaron Ward's Tips). This will be for your blog posts/products etc...


4. What to pin

Pinterest has million gazillion trexajillion pins.


Pinterest Search Social Media


So which ones should you pin?

You want to start having a search for pins which you think will really help your audience and add these to the relevant boards.

Over time you will start creating some awesome boards which has a ton of links to lots of helpful guides.

At the same time, you want to pin anything you create to these boards as well + your branded board (remember my Aaron Ward's tips board).


So to summarize in a step-by-step actionable routine:

  1. Spend 30 minutes a week (minimum)
  2. Find pins in your niche by doing a search for keywords
  3. Pin helpful guides, articles, tips etc... to a relevant board you created
  4. Pin anything you create from your blog etc... on to your branded board


5. Pinterest Analytics

As promissed I would show you how to see your profile analytics.

Go to your Pinterest account.

The click Analytics top left of your browser > Choose Overview

Pinterest Analytics

This window will then give you a ton of information about your account.

You can see which pins are working best, so you can say let's pin more 'Instagram Tips' because it works better then my 'Twitter Tips' pins.


To finish up the Pinterest profile tips

Badaboom you're profile is fresh and will start gaining views, followers and leads to your website.

My profile when writing this was super fresh and new.

Less then one month old.

It had 450 pins.


Yet I was still getting 2.5k views per month, let's say 10% of those end up being visitors to my website...

that's a free 250 interested visitors #winning


Leave me a comment on your your Pinterest profile is going!


FollowLiker FAQ

FollowLiker FAQ | Instagram Edition

Gals and guys,

Here it is.

The FollowLiker FAQ to slap those questions you have in your mind out the window...

so you can focus on growing your Instagram profile :)

Lets get into the questions.



  1. Do I need to keep my computer on for FollowLiker to work?
  2. What is a proxy and do I need to use one?
  3. How many Instagram accounts can I run on 1 IP address/proxy?
  4. What is a VPS/VPN and do I need one?
  5. How can I run FollowLiker 24/7 when I can't keep my computer on 24/7?
  6. How do I run following, unfollowing, liking and commenting all at once?
  7. Why do you make a separate project for uploading?
  8. How do I avoid getting Instagram shadowbanned with FollowLiker?
  9. Where can I get the best settings for FollowLiker?
  10. Do you teach a course on using FollowLiker?
  11. What are the daily Instagram limits?
  12. My account is brand new should I do anything specific?
  13. Can I use my Instagram account on my phone while automating?


Got an other question? Leave a comment below!


1. Do I need to keep my computer on for FollowLiker to work?

Yes your computer needs to be on and not asleep with FollowLiker open and running for it to automate your Instagram account.


2. What is a proxy and do I need to use one?

A proxy is an IP address (basically). You want to run 3 Instagram accounts on one IP address.

After you run 3 Instagram accounts on your computer IP address, you will then need 1 private proxy to

You can get proxies here:

High Proxies - http://aaronwardmedia.com/recommends/highproxies


3. How many Instagram accounts can I run on 1 IP address/proxy?

3 Instagram accounts per proxy/ip address is the best for safety.


4. What is a VPS/VPN and do I need one?

A VPS is a computer you pay a monthly fee to access through an application on your own computer.

You essentially are renting a computer which is turned on 24/7.

This means you can put FollowLiker on your VPS and leave it running 24/7 if you can't do this on your own computer.

You can get a VPS perfect for FollowLiker here: 

Green Cloud - http://aaronwardmedia.com/recommends/greencloud


5. How can I run FollowLiker 24/7 when I can't keep my computer on 24/7?

Check out the answer above for question #4. You will need a VPS :)


6. How do I run following, unfollowing, liking and commenting all at once?

You make 1 project and simply select those tasks :)


7. Why do you make a separate project for uploading?

It's a personal preference that makes my workflow easier.

Because I can then always jump into that project and only think about uploading content and avoid all the other settings.


8. How do I avoid getting Instagram shadowbanned with FollowLiker?

You don't really. There is no official information on shadowbans.

The best way to avoid it is to mix up hashtags when uploading & make sure to follow my settings to keep safe.


9. Where can I get the best settings for FollowLiker?

You can find them in one of these places:

My YouTube channel

My Blog

The Ultimate FollowLiker course


10. Do you teach a course on using FollowLiker?

Yes I do :)

It covers everything you will ever need to know about FollowLiker + Instagram marketing tips

Course: The Ultimate FollowLiker Course


11. What are the daily Instagram limits?

Liking: 1000 per day (28-38 delay between each like)

Following: 1000 per day (28-38 delay between each follow)

Unfollowing: 1000 per day (28-38 delay between each unfollow)

Commenting: 10 per hour (350-400 second delay between each comment)

DM'ing: 100 per day (500-600 second delay between each DM)

Posting: 2-3 images per day is the best practice.


12. My account is brand new should I do anything specific?

To fully make sure your account doesn't get blocked in any way, it's good to set your delay settings to: 36-48 seconds for all general tasks such as liking/following/unfollowing


13. Can I use my Instagram account on my phone while automating?

Yes and no. Sometimes you will get lucky and there won't be any issues or account lockouts/temp bans. Other times you will get banned for connecting in two different locations at once or experience lots of captcha lockouts/temp bans.

I always recommend to not use your account on your phone for the best safety.


I hope the FollowLiker FAQ helped.

If you have any more questions please leave them below

*they will be added to the FAQ too :)

FollowLiker Tutorial for Beginners

The Ultimate FollowLiker Tutorial for Beginners

Boom! The FollowLiker Tutorial for Beginners.


Let's talk about gaining Instagram followers.

Using FollowLiker of-course!

This guide is 100% made for beginners and focuses on how to gain followers only.

What's great is that this setup is super simple, easy to do and will always work.

Check out the contents below -- you can click on them to jump ahead or simply go through the guide step by step.

Enjoy the FollowLiker tutorial!


FollowLiker tutorial contents



FollowLiker is an excellent application to grow your Instagram account by automating repeatable tasks such as following, liking, commenting etc...

Today I'm going to show you the best and most simple setup to gain the most Instagram followers per day.

Best of all?

They're targeted too. 100% human and super active on Instagram.

Let's begin the followliker tutorial...


Video guide (optional)

If you want to watch the setup in action.

You can watch the video tutorial here:




Creating a project

Open up FollowLiker and create a new project.

You can do this by going to File > New Project... (top right of the application)

FollowLiker Tutorial - New Project...

When  creating a new project, make sure to tick box/select "Each account should have separate settings.".

FollowLiker Tutorial - Save Project

This ensures that every Instagram account you put in FollowLiker has its own settings and isn't copying them from one account.

I like to call my project "Global" as I know its going to be my project where I place all my Instagram accounts.

You can call your project anything you wish though :)

Make sure to save it in the FollowLiker folder (should be default) and click "Save".

PS - You never have to save your project after this. FollowLiker automatically saves any changes you make when you close the application.


Free FollowLiker Course

Join my free FollowLiker Beginner course to go through this guide step-by-step

Click here to sign up!


General Settings

Thumbs up! New project made.

Now you're going to change the general settings.

Go to File > General > Settings...

FollowLiker Tutorial - General Settings

We want to change some options here and I'll explain them:

FollowLiker Tutorial - General Settings

Account per Proxy: 3

This setting tells FollowLiker how many Instagram accounts it should run on one IP address. You want to only automate 3 accounts on 1 IP address to stay safe.

Account Threads: 100

Account threads means how many accounts to automate at the same time, setting this nice and high just makes FollowLiker automate all your accounts at once.

Automation Interval: 30 -60 seconds

This is basically FollowLiker's break between doing tasks. For example you follow 10 people, then FollowLiker takes a break for 30-60 seconds (random number each time). We just speed this up to ensure all tasks are completed each day. If you ever find that your tasks are taking too long, simply half this number. If your tasks are completed too quick, double it.


Hit "Save" and let's move on to the next section.

PS - We are ignoring the other tabs as they're more advanced settings and this is a beginner tutorial. If you're interested in learning about Advanced FollowLiker settings you can have a look at The Ultimate FollowLiker Course by clicking here


Accounts table (aka adding your account)

Let's add your Instagram account to FollowLiker.

This is super quick and simple

A rule of thumb in FollowLiker: If you see white space - right click to bring up a menu.

Right click in the Accounts Table > New...

FollowLiker Tutorial - Add an account

Add in your username and password to connect to your Instagram account.

FollowLiker Tutorial - Add Account

Ignore the proxy field and click "Save"


Wizard Tasks

It's time to choose Instagram tasks to automate.

Double click your account in the accounts table.

Alternatively: Right click your account > Custom Settings... > Wizard...

FollowLiker Tutorial - Open Wizard

This will open up the wizard where you will choose what you want FollowLiker to automate.

To gain followers you are going to select:

FollowLiker Tutorial - Wizard Tasks

Scrape User

Scrape means find in FollowLiker. This task finds users for us to Follow.



FollowLiker will follow targeted users based on queries you set up (next part of the guide).



This tells FollowLiker to unfollow users you are following.


Retrieve Existing Followers and Followings (optional)

This setting tells FollowLiker to find everyone you were previously following and also everyone you are already following.

If you don't want to unfollow people you are currently following: turn this off.

Leave it at it's default 260 setting.


Shuffle Tasks

This will randomize how the tasks are executed. If this was off FollowLiker would do this:

Follow > Unfollow > Follow > Unfollow > Follow > Unfollow etc...

If we turn on shuffle tasks it makes it more human. It would look like:

Follow > Follow > Unfollow > Unfollow > Unfollow > Unfollow > Follow > Unfollow > Follow > Follow > Follow > Unfollow etc...


Advanced Settings

This will show us more options in the task settings.


Why these tasks?

You are going to be following users and then unfollowing them to keep a cycle of fresh users finding your account.

By following a user they will get a notification that you followed them, this is the 'best thing you can get on Instagram: a follower'. The goal is that they will follow you back in return because the users you target will be interested in the photos/videos you post and your profile.

We will look at how to target users in the next section of this FollowLiker tutorial for beginners.


Instagram fact: you can only follow 7500 users max. That's why we need to unfollow everyone we follow. Yes some people will unfollow you but you don't want them sticking around as they truly didn't care about your account. Plus it will only be a tiny amount of people who unfollow you when you unfollow them.


Enjoying this FollowLiker Tutorial?

You can learn the best FollowLiker settings with The Ultimate FollowLiker Course. Click here to learn more.


Task Settings

Awesome! You have selected tasks.

Let's start adding settings.

Press "Next"

You will see this window of lots of buttons. Because this is a beginner guide we will skip over this.

However I have made note of useful settings you can play with here.

FollowLiker Tutorial - Wizard Blacklist and Whitelist



In this table you can add in usernames of Instagram accounts to avoid

A good one to add is: Instagram


Blacklist Words

In this table you can right click and add in keywords or #hashtags to avoid on Instagram.

To avoid a word type it in like: nastycontent

To avoid a hashtag type it in like: #nastycontent



This table lets you add in usernames of Instagram accounts you don't want to unfollow


Whitelisted Words

These are words or hashtags you can specifically target. It's not a great option as it reduces the amount of users you can find.


Press "Next" and you will be in the Scrape User Settings (aka Find Users Settings)

You are going to select the following:

FollowLiker Tutorial - Scrape User Settings

Scrape User Limit: 40

This is the maximum amount of users followliker will find. It does this multiple times a day so you can leave it at it's default.

Ignore private users

They generally don't want to be followed by  random peeps so we keep it on :)

Ignore users with no profile image

This takes away spam profiles, unactive accounts and generally less dedicated Instagram users.


Next you want to Right click in the query table > New...

FollowLiker Tutorial - Scrape User New Query

Before we jump ahead let me explain how this works.

You are going to be finding users who have commented on and liked a competitors posts (videos/photos).


Because they're the most active users who care about that competitors posts.

You're posts should be very similar to this competitor -- as that way when you find this user and follow them -- they will see your Instagram profile and be interested in your posts.


You are now going to add two queries to do this.


Query #1 - Users who commented

This query tells FollowLiker to find users who have commented on an Instagram profiles posts.

You will want to add a username like so: @username

The @ specifically tells FollowLiker to find posts that username has uploaded, not comments containing "username".

FollowLiker Tutorial - Scrape Users who commented

Press "Save" and repeat the step of Right clicking the the query table > New...


Query #2 - Users who liked

This query tells FollowLiker to find users who have liked an Instagram profiles posts.

You will want to add a username like so: @username

The @ specifically tells FollowLiker to find posts that username has uploaded.

FollowLiker Tutorial - Scrape Users who liked

Replace @username with a competitors Instagram username.

For example you could use @GQ if you are a male clothing company.

This will find users liking and commenting on GQ's posts: these users are most likely interested in male fashion/clothing.


You can add multiple queries, I generally repeat this step 4 more times: totaling 5 competitor accounts with 10 queries.


Here's what your FollowLiker Scrape User Settings should look like:

FollowLiker Tutorial - Scrape User Settings


The other queries are optional to use.

The two queries mentioned above are the BEST to get ACTIVE and ENGAGED Instagram followers.


Here's a quick reference to all the queries and information about them:

  • To find/follow users who posted photo that has a particular word/tag in its caption, select "Users Who Tagged" under "Query Type", enter the keyword/hashtag in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow a user's followers, select "User's Follower" under "Query Type", enter the Instagram username of the user in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow-back your followers, select "User's Follower" under "Query Type", enter your Instagram username or this tag: <@myusername> in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow users who liked a photo or a photo that has a particular word/tag in its caption, select "Users Who Liked" under "Query Type", enter the keyword/hashtag/photo ID/photo URL in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow users who commented a photo or a photo that has a particular word/tag in its caption, select "Users Who Commented" under "Query Type", enter the keyword/hashtag/photo ID/photo URL in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow users by keyword/hashtag (in profile or username), select "Normal Search" under "Query Type", enter the keyword/hashtag in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow a user's following, select "User's Following" under "Query Type", enter the Instagram username of the user in the "Query" field and save.
  • To find/follow only users suggested to your account by Instagram, select "Suggested Users" under "Query Type" and save.
  • To find/follow users by location, select "Location" under "Query Type", enter the name, zip code or address of the location in the "Query" field and save. Example: New York, United States. You can also use this page to get valid locations: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/
  • To find/follow users who liked a specific user's photos, select "Users Who Liked" under "Query Type", enter @username in the "Query" field and save. Example: @CNN
  • To find/follow users who commented a specific user's photos, select "Users Who Commented" under "Query Type", enter @username in the "Query" field and save. Example: @CNN


Press "Next >"...

You are going to change the settings to the following:

FollowLiker Tutorial - Follow User Settings


If your account is new to automation please be aware of your Daily Follow Limit. Start small and grow to this number daily.

Day 1: 25-75

Day 2: 50-100

Day 3: 75-125

Day 4: 100-150

Day 5: 150-200

Day 6: 200-300

Day 7: 300-400


If you want the best settings and information on keeping safe and growing accounts check out The Ultimate FollowLiker Course by clicking here.


Follow to Following Ratio: 0.00

This keeps a ratio of how many people your following to how many followers you have. Honestly it's useless for growing your account so keep it default 0.00 and this basically means "no ratio".


Follow Limit: 6-12

How many users to follow in one Follow task interval. Each time FollowLiker says "lets follow some users" it will follow anywhere between this number.


Daily Follow Limit: 800-900

Like mentioned above, if you are new start small. Instagram has a daily limit of following 1000 users. I aim to keep your account safe and stay 100 under this limit. Your follower gains will still be epic.

This number means how many users should FollowLiker follow per day.


Delay Follow: 28-38 seconds

This is the delay between each user FollowLiker follows. This works along with the Follow Limit setting. FollowLiker will follow 6-12 users, between each user it follows it will wait 28-38 seconds.

Fastest case scenario: You follow 11 users with a delay of 28 seconds between each user. That's 5 minutes to follow 11 users.


Follow Users who have: 0-500 Followings

A great setting to basically ensure you don't follow anyone who is following over 500 Instagram accounts.

Why enable this? To reduce competition when you post. For example if you post and image and someone is only following 500 people (let's say 10% of them are also uploading, that's 50 people) you are competing with 50 people to get your post in front of that user. If another user is following 5000 people (10% upload, that's 500 users posting every day) you have to compete with 500 other posts.

This setting will help you get more engagement over time, as your posts competete with less users and get seen more :) #yay


Ignore Private User

Once again ensure we don't follow private users as they generally don't want random peeps following them :(


Press "Next >"

You will now want to setup the Unfollow User Settings like so:

FollowLiker Tutorial - UnFollow User Settings

Follower to Following Ratio: 0.00

Same as the following setting. Basically useless and just keeps a ratio of how many users your following to how many are following you. Keep it at 0.00 to turn it off.


Unfollow After: 2 Days

After we follow users, give them 2 days to follow you back otherwise unfollow them. They didn't care or are not active enough.


Unfollow Limit: 5-10 default

How many users to unfollow during an Unfollow task interval. This happens multiple times a day like all the tasks :)


Daily Unfollow Limit: 810-910 (the same as Daily followlimit + 10)

You always want this to be the same as your Daily Follow Limit + 10. You want to add the +10 so you are always unfollowing more then your following. This will ensure you never reach the Instagram limit of following 7500 users.

If your Daily Follow Limit is 400-500, then your Daily Unfollow Limit should be 410-510.


Delay Unfollow: 28-38 seconds

The time between each user FollowLiker unfollows.


Don't Unfollow Followers: Turned off

This will tell FollowLiker to unfollow people who are following us. We need to disable this so we never reach the 7500 follow limit.


Blacklist Unfollowed Users

This setting will place everyone you unfollow in your blacklist (talked about in the beginning of this section). The blacklist contains usernames you want to avoid/not follow. This will ensure after you follow someone, they will never be followed again by your account.


Press "Next >"


Finally to finish up you want to choose your automation time.

I like to automate between 6am-11pm at night, most people are awake during this time and are (in my mind) more likely to see your notification.

You can leave all the automation weekdays: on (there's no need to turn them off)

FollowLiker Tutorial - Automation Time


Whoooo! Press "Finish"

FollowLiker is setup and ready to automate. You can start automating by pressing "Start"

FollowLiker Tutorial - Start

Note: It's normal for the progress bar to never reach 100% as you will forever be continuously automating until you press stop.


You can then see (after 24 hours) your gains by Right clicking your account > Statistics...

FollowLiker Tutorial - Statistics

And you're done! The FollowLiker Tutorial for Beginners is finished :)

If you have any questions check out the FAQ below or leave a comment!



Does my computer need to be on for FollowLiker to work?

Yes you need to have your computer on (not asleep) with FollowLiker running for it to work.


Can I do liking, commenting, DM'ing etc...?

Yes you can do anything you wish :) This FollowLiker tutorial is a beginner guide to gaining followers. You can check out my Blog or Youtube channel to find more guides specific to those tasks.


FollowLiker is not working, help!

Right click your account > Activity Log and see if there are any error messages.

If this doesn't help please contact FollowLiker support by clicking here


How do I contact FollowLiker for support?

You can contact them here

Do you teach other social media stuff?

Yes I do - check out my blog for more tips


My daily limits are not being reached, how do I fix this?

You will want to go to File > General... > Settings...

Reduce your Automation Interval down to 15-30 seconds.

If your daily limits are still not reaching the required time. Either increase your automation time (end of the setup wizard) to 12am-12am OR reduce the automation interval down to 5-10 seconds.


Do you offer Instagram/FollowLiker coaching?

Yes you can see all the information and book a call with me by clicking here


Is there an advanced course where I can learn everything about FollowLiker + the best settings to use?

I sure do! You can see it here: http://courses.aaronwardmedia.com/p/followliker-advanced-course


aaronwardmedia.com is growing

Plans, lots of plans.

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently and wanted to update you on my own personal and business goals.


So to kick start things off the past month I've wanted to expand. I've been crushing it on Instagram and have an amazing community (you lot) who have supported me tremendously.

Thank you.


It's time to start exploring again, allowing me to learn more and pass the information on to you: helping you grow your business, income + audience.


Therefore, I have decided to start exploring other social media channels, primarily being:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook (advertising specifically)


as well as posting about...

  • Blogging tips
  • Collecting emails
  • Email marketing (what to actually send)
  • and general business advice...


Like I said my goal is to expand and I think this is the best way to help my audience.

I essentially want to be known for helping you:

  1. Grow your audience + income
  2. Great awesome blog content
  3. Convert visitors into email optins/sales
  4. Market your product through social media platforms


So to keep things short and sweet that's basically it.

A short and to the point update. Just my style...


So now that you know my new business and personal goals with aaronwardmedia.com...

expect to see more content evolving around new social media platforms, blogging and collecting + marketing to customers.


- Aaron

7 tips to make on how to make the best Instagram photos

7 tips to make on how to make the best Instagram photos

Hey guys and gals,


I wanted to share with you this pixel perfect info-graphic from Curalate. It shows you 7 tips  on how to make the best Instagram photos.

A lot of the time it can be confusing what makes a great Instagram post. Generally it comes down to some very simple things which are easy to overlook.

Take a 2 minute break and check it out below so you can start uploading the right content.

Here's to getting more likes, comments and followers!


7 tips to make on how to make the best Instagram photos

Later.com - Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Later's Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Later's Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Later just announced and released there newest feature: a free Instagram analytics tool.

If you're not too sure what 'Later' is, they are a company who developed an Instagram scheduling service which is beautifully designed.

They have now introduced a free Instagram analytics tool for all their users and a paid Instagram analytics tool which is included for their pro members.

You can read more about later's free analytics tool here:


Later Free Instagram Analytics
Image Credit - Later.com


Why Instagram analytics are important

Understanding how your Instagram following grows is critical for your Instagram accounts performance.

If you want to generate sales or gain more followers, you will need to know when your followers are commenting and liking your images/videos.

When you know this information, it makes it easier for you to gain more followers, likes and comments.

Later offers a few powerful tools which will show you this information. Their main dashboard will display your Instagram likes, comments and engagement.

This information then lets you know the best time for you to upload and the type of content your audience loves. So start uploading more cat pictures and less quote images! Or whatever your audience likes :)

Instagram Analytics tool - Later.com
Photo Credit - Later.com (Instagram analytics interface)


How you can get Later's free Instagram analytics tool

Later allows anyone to sign up for free.

You can sign up for free here:


The free account will let you upload 30 pictures for only 1 account each month. They then offer paid plans to upgrade your limitations.

What's great is that you also get access to their free Instagram scheduling tool. Which makes both of their tools work perfectly together.


Later's Instagram analytics tool features

Here's a bit of information on the tools offered by the service and how you can optimize them.


Likes and comments

Instagram Analytics tool - Later.com
Photo Credit - Later.com Instagram analytics dashboard

You can easily view your photos and videos engagement, figuring out the types of images users like and when they are most active. This allows you to then define what content you should upload and the best time to upload it.

If you nail these two down. Then you will start seeing more engagement at a faster rate, which means you'll reach the explore page and top posts for the hashtags your using. This will result in more followers and users discovering your Instagram account.


Link Tracking

Instagram Analytics tool - Later.com
Photo Credit - Later.com


Oh god yes.

This is amazing for your business. This tool let's you track your bio link clicks and click through rate.

This feature uses Later's Linkin.bio feature (see it here: https://later.com/linkinbio). This feature allows you to display a shop feed of your Instagram using a custom URL.

This makes it easy to see when users are clicking on your link. Let's say you upload a promotional image you will then be able to see if it drove users to click your link. Seeing if it was successful or not.



If you haven't starting collecting analytics for your Instagram account. There's no better time than to start now.

And what's great to is that Instagram isn't a complicated platform. Therefore, the analytics are very easy to read and understand making strategizing and planning new content easy for you.

Peace out,

- Aaron

Instagram New Feature: Post Multiple Photos or Videos

Instagram upload multiple photos or videos - new feature

It's finally here.

Instagram just released a new update which allows you to post up to 10 photos at once.

This can be very useful for sharing a sequence of events of your brand moments or stories.

Check out the video officially released by Instagram showing off the feature below:


You can start using this today and see it live in action.

But before you do that I wanted to share one example of how I would start using it...just to give you an idea of how you can start optimizing it for your business.


Business example

Let’s say you sell a software service such as Later.com (they offer Instagram post scheduling by the way).

You could create a series of images showing how to use your service/product.

It could start with a normal image, with a captivating headline such as “Schedule your Instagram images in 5 steps” with a bright color background like their branding.

You could then make 5 images that take the user step by step through how-to use their service, showing that it is easy to schedule Instagram posts.

In your caption you would mention that anyone can try this out for free by visiting the link in your bio.

You then start to get signups and new potential clients… and best of all how easy was that?

This feature is super cool and I’m sure brands are going to start using it quickly, so make sure to keep an eye out for trends.


- Aaron


Instagram Bot VPS/VPN Setup Guide

Instagram Bot VPS/VPN Setup Guide


One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is a VPS and how do I use one?

Today I’m going to answer those two questions.

And you’re going to learn how to use a VPS for your Instagram bot (FollowLiker or Massplanner) on either a Windows or Mac computer.



What is a VPS?

A VPS is short for Virtual Private Server.

Sometimes you may hear people use VPN (Virtual Private Network)...

It’s basically a computer in a warehouse (generally a major city such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, London UK, Paris etc…) which you remotely access through an application on your computer.

Essentially you pay a monthly fee to ‘rent a computer’ which is available 24/7.

This means it perfect for running Instagram automation software (bots).


Where can I purchase a VPS?

There’s thousands of VPS providers out there. While most of them can offer you the same service for the same competitive price… a lot of these services don’t specialize in Instagram automation.

Luckily, GreenCloud VPS does offer an optimized VPS which is designed for using with Instagram automation software.

I have included my affiliate link to GreenCloud VPS below.




Ordering an optimized GreenCloud VPS

What you will want to purchase is the ‘Windows VPS > MassPlanner Optimized VPS’.

GreenCloud VPS MassPlanner Optimized VPS

This VPS is setup to run smoothly with Instagram automation software so you won't have an issues leaving your Instagram bot running for long periods of time with more than 5+ accounts.

You can go to GreenCloud VPS by clicking here


I recommend you start of with the ‘Starter plan' at $26/month.

This plan provides enough RAM for Follow Liker or Mass Planner to run 10-40 accounts at once, solid up-time and 24/7 support from GreenCloud.

I’ve highlighted the correct option to order below.


For users on a budget - Windows Budget VPS

If you’re on a budget (I know VPS’s can be expensive) then don’t panic.

The alternative option is to use a GreenCloud Windows Budget VPS.

You can view these by going to Windows VPS > Budget VPS

GreenCloud Windows Budget VPS


You can use my affiliate link below to get a budget GreenCloud VPS.



These VPS’s work great if you’re only going to be running 10 Instagram accounts max.

You will want to purchase the SuperSaving Budget VPS Budget-1.

This VPS is a great option because it has enough RAM to support FollowLiker or MassPlanner running and it only costs $10/month.

I’ve highlighted the correct option to order below.

GreenCloud Windows Budget VPS Option

Purchasing a VPS

Once you have selected your plan you will be taken to a configure page.

Don’t worry, you only need to change a few easy options.



This is optional, but I recommend you change the hostname to something you will remember. It’s basically a username for your login details used later on.

Root Password

Write this down, you will need it later along with your hostname to connect to your VPS.

Choose your location

You should aim to pick somewhere as close as possible to you. I have chosen Canada because I live in Toronto.

Choose your OS

Personal preference but I went for the Windows Server 2016 version to stay modern, I recommend you do the same.

Note: do not choose a Windows 2008, Follow Liker and Mass Planner need a minimum version of 2012+.


Here’s what my ‘Configure’ looks like.


GreenCloud VPS Configuration


After that you can checkout with various payment options including Paypal.

After you have finished your checkout, you will need to wait around 10 minutes to be sent your VPS connection information.

Once you have that pick the correct connection guide for your operating system below.


Connecting to your VPS (Windows)

You can do this on any Windows version. I will be using Windows 10 for this guide.


1. Connecting to Remote Desktop Connection

First you need to open Remote Desktop Connection.

This is an application already installed on your computer by Windows.

You can find this application by using the Windows Search feature.


Remote Desktop Connection


To get here I am simply pressing the Windows Icon in the corner of my screen.

Alternatively, you can find it in your Windows Accessories folder.


Remote Desktop Connection Location - Accessories Folder


2. Enter your Login information

After purchasing a GreenCloud VPS, they will email your VPS login information which will be used below.

Enter your Windows VPS details as follows:


Computer: [IP address of your Windows Server, check your email for this information]


RDC Connection Information


Then you will need to enter your login information that GreenCloud emailed you.


RDC Login information


Once you have done that, tick ‘Remember me’ to make connecting in the future easier and then press OK.

It should take a second to load and now you should see a Window pop up showing your VPS’s desktop.


Connected to GreenCloud Instagram Bot VPS

3. Installing FollowLiker or MassPlanner on to your VPS

Finally, you will need to use the VPS just like your normal computer.

Use an internet browser to download your program and install it to your computer.

If you haven’t setup FollowLiker before, you can access my free beginner course on how to use good settings here.


4. Let it run

After you have installed either Follow Liker or Mass Planner, you can leave it to run and disconnect from your VPS.

The computer (VPS) will stay on and run 24/7.

If you ever need to re-access the VPS just repeat the steps above.



If you have issues connecting to your VPS, please contact Greencloud Support here. As much as I love helping you, I am not a 24/7 support team :)



Connecting to your VPS (Mac)

For mac users, you are going to need to download Microsoft's official Remote Desktop Connection application.

You can download the app here:


After you have downloaded and installed Microsoft Remote Desktop, open it.


1. Connecting to your VPS

Open up Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Click ‘New’ in the top right corner.

Microsoft Remote Desktop New Connection


In the general tab you will need to enter the following information:


Connection Name: Anything you want (I would call it Instagram VPS)

PC Name: Enter the Main IP address Greencloud sent you in the information email

Username: The ‘username’ in your GreenCloud information email

Password: The ‘root password’ in your GreenCloud information email


Microsoft Remote Desktop New Connection Information


Exit this window and then select your connection and press start.


Microsoft Remote Desktop Start Connection VPS


You'll get a certificate warning. Click 'Continue'.

Now you will be connected to your VPS.


2. Install Follow Liker or Mass Planner

Once you have connected to your VPS you will need to download your program of choice.

To do this simply treat the computer as your own.

Open up an internet browser, download your files and install the program.


3. Start it up

After you have installed Follow Liker or Mass Planner, you can set it up and let it run.

Your VPS will be on 24/7 so you can now disconnect from it.

If you ever need to go back simply repeat the steps above to access your VPS.



If you have issues connecting to your VPS, please contact Greencloud Support here. As much as I love helping you, I am not a 24/7 support team :)


That's it you should now have a working VPS which you can run your Instagram bot on!


Until next time,


- Aaron



6 Instagram Business Bio Examples

6 Perfect Examples of Instagram Bios To Use For Your Business

6 Instagram Business Bio Examples To Use for Your Business



Instagram bios are all about letting users know who you are and telling them to do something (your CTA). Sounds easy, but it can get a little bit tricky when you only have 5 seconds of their attention to do so.

It’s time to get creative. Get your mind flowing. Become the Mozart of your keyboard...something like that.

I’ve gathered examples of my favourite brands bio’s who are destroying it on Instagram. This will give you inspiration on how you can write your bio and see what the best of the best are doing.

Before we jump into the examples, I just want to point out that you should be looking at how these brands are explaining what their business is (for new users discovering their brand) and what they want their users to do (their CTA).

Here goes in no particular order:


1) Vaseline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vaselinebrand/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Vaseline US

What’s great:

Vaseline tells users the benefit of their brand  straight away, making it easy for people to understand what they do and how they help.


They could have told users what to do in their bio, making them go visit the webpage and giving a reason to do so. For example: “See how you can improve your skin's health with the The Vaseline Skin Project by visiting (link would be here)”


2) Ted Baker

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ted_baker/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Ted Baker

What’s great:

Ted Baker focus on a valentine's day campaign and is directing their Instagram traffic to a website using a trackable bit.ly link.


May be confusing for new people discovering their brand, but their feed clearly shows their products and it’s easy to identify them as a apparel brand.


3) Starbucks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starbucks/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Starbucks

What’s great:

Starbucks labels their industry by utilizing Instagram’s business update, this allows them to focus on a creative bio instead while still keeping relative to their brand.


You’ve probably guessed it already...a CTA would be good here, especially as it’s coming up to Valentine's Day and they have a specific holiday drink they could promote for it.


4) Vince

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vince/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Vince

What’s great:

Boom there it is. A clear description of what Vince provides and telling users what to do. Simple and clean, just like the tone of their clothing style.

If you run a clothing brand, it’s great to leverage your content by asking users to upload their photos and tag you in them as you can repost them.


Honestly not much to say here. This one just works.


5) Razer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/razer/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Razer Gaming

What’s great:

Razer let’s people know what their brand is about (gaming) and provides a link to their website. It’s pretty boring and most brands do this. What makes them different?


Firstly, Razer needs to change their name to just standard character letters to improve their search ranking on Instagram. It’s not 100% necessary because they’re well established, but if you’re a new brand starting on Instagram don’t do this.

Razer could also add a benefit to using their products, such as “Win more with our new Razer gaming equipment. Get yours at (link to product)”

Finally, they need to define their industry (remember starbucks example).


6) DollarShaveClub

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollarshaveclub/

Instagram Business Bio Example - DollarShaveClub

What’s great:

This is so so good. Now this company is good at marketing, so there's no doubt they hit it on the head for their Instagram account. I recommend you take a look.

Their bio makes it easy to understand what their business is about, the benefit of using their product/service and they give a CTA with a tracked link.

All 3 bio requirements nailed! This is a great example to learn from and apply to your own business bio.


Fix the damn spacing between “bucks without” :)

I’m not sure if ‘website’ is the best industry category to use but it may have been the best option for them out of the list. I’m just nit picking here.


Final notes

It’s now time for you to go out there and create your Instagram bio.

Before you run off, I recommend you grab my template and checklist for creating the perfect Instagram business bio.

Get the template and checklist.


- Aaron